Last update: 04/01/2011 19:00
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Background for Windows 7, 1440x900


Background for Windows 7, 1440x900




Signature, first signature ever made.


Signature, needed a new one.


Signature, made out of boredom.


Signature, learning a new style.


Signature, out of boredom.


Button, made as variant on the button of Ai.


Layout, made for a company.


Layout, for a new project I was going to start


Logo, this was the old logo used by this website.


Another variant of an old logo. Very simple one.


Placeholder used for a while.


Current placeholder.


Layout, this was version 2 of


Layout, made for a company.. was never used.


Layout for a photo gallery, she wanted it to be very simple with enough space for pictures.


Theme for a game community. Due to a new forum theme this was unused.


New logo for the game community from above, currently in use for the forum.
(was made to fit the theme)


New signature, designed for another roleplaying community I am member of.
Also contains my new nickname.